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If you are struggling to fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads, ICP’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform is the perfect solution for you. We offer the most reliable, multi-verified and geo-targeted B2B contact data that will help you scale you multi-channel campaign ROI. Integrate our API with your existing platforms, and experience the convenience of data access, anytime, anyplace. Automate appending and enriching of your CRM data, accelerate your sales efficiency with the industry leader for result-focused global B2B contact data.


B2B2C Data Integration with CRMs

ICP is the industry leader for global B2B2C data. Our master repository comprises of 15+ Million contact records with direct dial numbers that can get you connected with decision makers and C-suites that can help you optimise results and shrink sales cycle remarkably. We are currently leading the industry for offering; multi-source verified, targeted and accurate data that can help you increase multi-channel campaign efficiency remarkably. What’s more? Our data is integrated across the world’s leading CRM platforms, here’s a peak into why these CRM integrations can help you scale your business performance with measurable ROI.


HubsSpot Integration

HubSpot CRM is one of the leading CRM apps currently available across the industry. It's a Free & simple platform that allows sales teams to get started on execution without having to make changes in their existing workflow. It is a smart and seamless option that entails all the necessary features for users across all industries & profiles. The HubSpot CRM helps to easily create contact & company profiles that will assist you with all the customer information you need. If you are looking for an efficient process that gives you greater control to track, monitor and get a single, detailed dashboard for efficient tracking & monitoring, the HubsSpot CRM is for you.


Salesforce Integration

An award winning solution, the Salesforce CRM offers extensive sales & marketing solutions, including separate segments for Analytics, Marketing, Service & Community Cloud. A completely automated platform, it helps sales professionals to identify top leads and determine the deal trends to identify profitable patterns seamlessly. If you’re looking to track all customer information & interactions integrated in a single workflow the Salesforce CRM is the best solution for you.


Marketo Integration

Marketo is one of the most leading marketing automation platforms with more than 2,300 customers and over 100,000 users globally. It helps B2B enterprises simplify their marketing process and streamline marketing functions to increase efficiencies and reap more revenue benefits for its users. Alongside marketing automation, Marketo can be instrumental in other key functions such as real -time personalization, customer engagement and marketing management. It can easily be integrated with leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, for sales & marketing teams to collaborate and gain deeper project insights.


Eloqua Integration

This Cloud-based marketing automation software helps you plan, create & implement multi-channel marketing campaigns. It helps in easy segmentation as per the specific target audience behaviour through website analytics & social media monitoring. Furthermore it helps in creating a marketing calendar that aids better campaign planning. Create SEO optimized content based on the persona & engagement cycle and increase engagement through all your digital touch points. Focus on leads and customers that matter. Send pre-built email templates directly from the CRM and get real-time website visitor alerts. Gain a better view of your & leads & metrics with Eloqua.


Microsoft Dynamics Integration

If you’re looking to focus and expand your customer reach the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a tool you need to try. It helps to optimise the marketing and sales functions & enhance the quality of your customer service. This sophisticated CRM is based on a range of BI & social media data that helps to manage campaign in a hybrid cloud environment. Additionally it provides a range of tools and solutions for seamless sales process automation. It is a sales module that is specially designed for users who actively engage with the customers and encompasses multiple activities which influence the purchase. It is the best CRM that entails a range of advanced and intuitive solutions which streamline the sales process with measurable results.


People Finder

PeopleFinder is Chrome-based app that has enabled Top fortune companies across the world with global B2B contact data. Backed by the superlative performance of human intelligence infused with AI, it can help you connect with your prospects and customers and assist in qualifying leads faster. You can now access millions of contact records basis the demographics, firmographics and the geographies of your choice without having to be concerned of the accuracy & relevance of your contact data.

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