I've been using Info CheckPoint for a little while now to generate all sorts of lists. I'm overall very happy with the quality and quantity of contacts received for Canada. Thank you for doing a great job keeping this database up to date! I've had very little issues with emails bouncing and the like. Thank you!"

Alla Podkopaeva
Marketing Communications Specialist, Unity Telecom
Jake Haws
Acquisition Marketing Manager, www.zfco.com


I do want to say that I am satisfied with the quality and services of the list provided to us by your company. The team has done an excellent job with the search criterion, search saving platforms in the list, as it has enabled us to target specific criterion in lead generation. I commend you and your team on the excellent work, keep it up!"

Kenneth J Harrington-Colón
Sales/Marketing Coordinator, Creative Business Resources


We are quite thankful for an amazing tool. My customer service agent David has been polite and caring toward having such a useful tool as Info CheckPoint. The modules are expansive, We have shown our tool to several clients and they too are impressed with the capability of the service and the easy to understand interface. Who could ask for more. Thanks for allowing us to use such a useful tool to help grow our lead generation. Let us know if a Consumer version is ever on the market."

Jay Stack
President, IGM Creative Group


Quite simply, your tool reduced our turnaround time and frustration. Our recruiting team found it easy to pinpoint talent matching the job openings. With Info CheckPoint, the task of sourcing qualified professionals has never been easier."

Jed York
Co-owner & COO


We chose Info CheckPoint because of the reference from our marketing consultants. The highly searchable details, like the ‘search by industry keyword’ helped our team to dive down to key information on the contacts. Their customer support team always resolved our queries and gave suggestion for refining our search. We’ll be with Info CheckPoint for a long time."

Tom Benson
GM, Digital


Info CheckPoint is a remarkable system that works on crowd-sourced model. I would recommend it to anyone who has less time and wants to grow their business."

James A. Lockley
Director of Marketing


As a sales professional, I found Info CheckPoint a critical tool to locate prospects and helped in sending our digital marketing messages. They also allowed us to trade contacts and, more importantly, gave us extra credits for the contacts we shared with them."

Ralph Wilson


As an IT centric focused on expanding clients in North American and Australia, we needed a dynamic system to locate IT professionals and decision makers. Using Info CheckPoint, we located key business contacts in IT segments and instantly communicated our offer with them through emails."

Jerry Jones
E-commerce Marketing Manager


Info CheckPoint has been providing vital information for our marketing team. Their data gives us more insights on key business parameters, and they have a dependable customer support staff to help at anytime."

Mike Zalewski
Marketing Manager


We feel that Info CheckPoint is a service we can depend on. From fetching key counts to locating opportunities, we are very happy with our relationship with Info CheckPoint."

Barbara John


I wanted to send a message and thank Info CheckPoint for such helping us to contact mid-level managers, marketing managers and hard-to-reach SMBs. And I've spent a lot of money on different providers and your crowd-sourced model stand a league apart."

Gregory Wright


Recently I used the Info CheckPoint advanced company search option to locate companies for B2B marketing. It was a breeze to use, and literally within minutes I zeroed in the data I was hunting for a long time."

Mark Walsh


I have been using Info CheckPoint for close to a year and I've experienced productive results from the tool. What astounds me is the quality of data and easy interface to search contacts."

Sandra Walker


Thank you for all the terrific online tools you provide for our market researchers! They found the continuously updated, and fully searchable B2B database a great help to our research. I am also impressed with the recent social media data provided along the existing data."

Mary Young
Managing Partner


Your crowd-sourcing data model of Info CheckPoint has put booster rockets on my healthcare business. I can see our relationship going to be for a long-time"

John Deere

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