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Info CheckPoint is a preferred provider of credible business to business (B2B) information, database management, marketing and sales solutions. The company manages, maintains and monitors an extensive database of people, companies and industries. The database contains over 20 million people, 6 million companies in 18,000 industry sectors." Business information that is archived through crowd sourcing is converted to high quality, verified, accurate and relevant data. With an objective to enable customizable prospecting and speed in decision making, Info CheckPoint also facilitates companies align their marketing and sales strategies through B2B intelligent data. Whether you are searching for updated and targeted sales leads for your team, or wish to increase ROI from marketing investments or would like to screen verified candidates as a recruiter; Info CheckPoint provides data that is accurate and relevant to business developers, sales professionals, marketers, recruiters and enterprise customers.

Info CheckPoint, we recognize the importance and responsibility of safeguarding personal information shared with us. In order to ensure protection of information, we implement strict information management practices and privacy policies. This privacy policy statement provides you with detailed information on how we obtain, utilize, manage, share and protect data, and information on policies that are designed to the best of your interest.

Data Collection and Personal Information

The data we collect is compiled utilizing the present-day business practice of crowdsourcing. While users contribute information such as email addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles, we ensure that the data is verified before it is added to the database. Info CheckPoint emphasizes on providing high quality, accurate data that is useful as well as relevant.

In order to provide you with as much as information possible, we endeavor to include as many data points as possible. The data contributed by users usually includes the name, title, address, phone, social media profiles, fax numbers and email address. With reference to information on companies, the data we collect usually includes company size, annual revenue, nature of business, industry sector, number of years in business and contact details of top decision makers.


With an objective to provide you with accurate and relevant data, our online search tool helps in screening and obtaining information that can be viewed as well as downloaded. Info CheckPoint understands that targeted and high performing contacts are highly essential for all forms of marketing. Therefore our online search application provides an extensive scope for obtaining customized data with comprehensive data including names, email addresses, phone number and social media profiles.


Users need to be aware that non sensitive, personal information such as email addresses, domain names and IP addresses is usually obtained with use of "cookies". Cookies are basically text files that help in identifying repeat visitors; tracking user behavior and usage patterns and facilitate users’ access and usage efficiently. Outside of the site being visited, the unique number allocated to each visitor has no specific relevance and is only generated for identification purposes. The data compiled through cookies is mainly used to improve content and develop targeted advertising campaigns. If you do not wish information to be obtained through cookies, all browsers offer an option to users to accept or deny permission to initiate cookies. While Info CheckPoint utilizes information only after obtaining permission, data through cookies is utilized as a general business practice.

Security Policy and Compliance

Info CheckPoint is responsible for the protection of your information. As security is our highest priority, we adopt industry standard security systems and procedures to ensure that your data is protected and utilized only for legitimate, business purposes. At Info CheckPoint, relevant security measures are taken to protect your information against unauthorized access and usage. Our data protection team is high qualified and adopt latest security technologies and processes such as encryption of sensitive information. In addition, we ensure compliance with data privacy laws and regulations, and employ procedures and best practices recommended by industry standard industry groups such as Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Privacy and Information Sharing

We do not share information with unaffiliated, third parties without obtaining explicit permission from you and do so only after an agreement has been obtained which clearly states the rights, responsibilities and purpose for the use of the information. In order to support and expand our business operations, we do share information to third party affiliates such as auditors, attorneys, consultants and contractors; however we also ensure that these recipients utilize your information appropriately and return or obliterate data after it has been used. We also share information when legally required in cases of response to a court order, subpoena, regulatory or legal inquiry. At Info CheckPoint, we also utilize information for internal purposes for conducting market research, understanding customer experience, improving quality assurance and developing business initiatives.

Opt Out Policy

We respect your privacy and provide you with options to opt out of receiving further emails from us. We strictly adhere to the Federal CAN-SPAM Act and comply with the national Do-Not-Call list, Do Not Call Registry Act and other email privacy guidelines. You can unsubscribe by sending an email request to or call us on (402) 234-8444. Your request will be processed within 10 business days.

Communication of Updates and Policy Changes

Info CheckPoint reserves rights to update this privacy policy as per discretion. However, we will inform clients about new policies and procedure. Our main objective is to maintain and manage a comprehensive database, which is extensive, accurate, relevant as well as updated. Therefore we request and recommend you to provide updates on any changes in your contact information. To contact the support team, please feel free to send an email to or call us on (402) 234-8444. Your feedback is valuable to us and will help in improving products and services. If you have questions or feedback regarding our products, services or our privacy policy, you can reach us at or call us on (402) 234-8444.


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