Inbound Marketing: Changing the face of Sales & Marketing

With the evolution of technology and innovation, multiple tasks are achieved easily with a click of a button and catered to the clients directly or indirectly. The amount of data collected and dispersed is colossal.  Inbound marketing is so ‘IN’ right now that outbound marketing seems ‘DEAD’. Many CMO’s all over the world is in a dilemma whether to shut the business down or to continue with their business. Not only the marketing efforts are going in vain but the data are lost, mismanaged. There are unmeasurable data present out there relating to any business but to categorise and execute well is a hassle.

Conquering With Inbound Marketing

Customers are changing the way they shop for products and services. Eliminating ineffective and expensive traditional marketing practices like cold calling, direct mail, TV and print advertising are all going getting numb. Social media is taking a huge boost in promoting products and services. Inbound marketing leads to a lot of B2B propositions, which in turn might have a request and a need for an online data search. These will automatically lead to lead generation, infiltration of the market and various business need the services which will generate lead and future prospects which will in turn lead to revenue which is good for the business.

Conquering With Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Is a Cost Saver

When it comes to digital marketing,   time is money. You’re either paying for somebody’s time or using your own in order to attract clients or customers. If the time you’re spending (or paying for) doesn’t create something that extends beyond the finite number of minutes or hours put into it, you could argue the time is being wasted. Inbound marketing saves time, and therefore money, by investing in tactics with the ability to generate new business both now and in the future. Things like blog posts, newsletters, white papers and case studies that answer the questions of an existing audience. Once you write a post addressing the legitimate concerns of a group of people, you could potentially generate a new customer. There’s really no limit like there is with the four hours of phone calls.

It’s all about Marketing and Not Sales

Inbound Marketing is all about marketing directly to the required clients. There is a broader range of activities to sell. It focuses on the analysis of the market and distributing channels. The other reason is to look out for the competitors to check on the products and services, the pricing strategies. With Inbound marketing, it shows how to reach to the customers and build long lasting relationships and whether they are satisfied with the services.

Inbound Marketing helps overcome database decay  & targets the construction of a brand identity so that it becomes easily associated with need fulfilment.

Increase ROI with Inbound Marketing

These days, marketing departments tend to describe their work as ‘sales improvements efforts.’ They know that it’s what their executives want to hear. They also know that their performance is graded based on achieving sales goals. So, it makes sense to brand marketing in a sales-friendly way. CFO’s want a guarantee of ROI, and for that, you need an objective, evidence based view of your marketing efforts.

The ROI is massive with Inbound Marketing because it pulls the customer in by providing value. It takes advantage of users’ intent and gives them something of value in exchange for their attention. And it’s very specific. You don’t need a huge audience, just the RIGHT audience.

A clear quote by Guy Kawasaki says it all, ‘“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.”

Lt Col Govind V Rajulu (Retd)

Lt. Colonel Govind V Rajulu, has an extremely diverse profile with close to 25+ years of enabling growth for top fortune companies globally. A passionate golfer, his experience and leadership have been focused towards developing and delivering technology-driven business services and cloud solutions, nurturing meaningful client relationships, and driving profitable ROI growth. Col. Rajulu has been instrumental in influencing global business partnerships with his efforts to deliver best-in-class unified communications services to thousands of clients across the world.

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