Data cleaning reduces the cost

Why Data Cleaning Is Important For Your Business?

Data cleaning also known as Data Scrubbing it involves correcting, removing inaccurate, irrelevant and duplicate record from a database. Then replacing or modifying the dirty data. Data is the most valuable asset for the business hence it has to be cared and looked after.

It is vital that the data supplied must be easy as well as convenient to use. Since email lists degrade 22.5% annually. Hence regularly cleaning your data is crucial to achieve maximum of your deliverability, reduce email bounce rates. Remember to always keep your database sparkling and squeaky clean to have a better focus on business opportunities. Companies can achieve a number of benefits by cleansing data which leads to lowering operational costs and maximizing profits.

Data Cleaning for Business
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Data changes at a faster rate in the UK like:

  • Around 6 million people relocate their homes
  • 600,000 people expire.
  • At least 5.6 million company’s and people change their details.

All of the above changes make your data weak and reduce revenue for your business. Maintaining the clean and quality data is essential for long-term customer relationships and your marketing initiatives.

What Are The Reasons For Data Cleaning?

Helps to get rid of duplications

Data cleaning reduces the duplication of entries. More over when a client sees two or more identical mailing list they are less likely to respond. Hence this not only reduces your cost but also leads to satisfied customers.

Data cleaning reduces the cost 

The lesser items you send in the mail, the less it would cost the business. Data cleaning of duplicates, inaccurate and outdated information which would otherwise lead to unnecessary expenditure to your company.

Increases response rate

Getting one mailing instead of two or more and having them sent to the right address will help escalate your overall response. This is another big advantage to the company for having a clean data base.


Being legally complaint is vital especially when it comes to addresses that you shouldn’t mail. A customer who doesn’t want their name and details in your database, sees more mails from your company will not only be unhappy but will take legal action.


One of the most important aspects of database cleaning is to get accurate information about your customers relating to gender, age and location. For the purpose of segmenting and targeting of customers who are more likely to purchase your product or services.

Facilitates in decision making

Clean data helps in better analytics as well as all-round business intelligence which leads to better decision making and execution. Therefore having accurate database can help companies make better decisions which will contribute to the success of the business in the long run.

By cleaning your database on a regular interval you can gain advantage by marketing your product or service more efficiently. A squeaky clean database used for email marketing campaigns can reduce bounce back rates and updated information can be transformed into a key business asset. No doubt that data cleansing can help business enterprises to achieve business objectives with ease. Data cleansing can not only saves time and money for business enterprises, but it also ensure that the enterprise attains overall operational efficiency.

For all of the above reasons and more, it’s wise to maintain a clean data to save your time and money. If you’re unsure about your database quality and don’t have resources for data cleaning process, then request a clean and quality database from Info CheckPoint.

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