Database Marketing Increases Response Rate by Authenticating Customer Outreach

The last few decades have seen newer and more dedicated forms of marketing. This has been made possible by the emergence of the robust and reliable channels of communication such as telephones and wireless messaging. Few others such as the direct door to door surveys have been taken up in a more resurgent manner so as to sell the product/service and also collect the statistics about the customers which transforms into a verified database. These initiatives are built with the intention of making deeper yet authentic penetrations & where the ROI could be tracked in more objective terms. Database marketing is worked out through the above stated mediums and initiatives and here the aim is to generate responses that are capable of delivering effective sales and profits’ value to the banner undertaking the same.

Database marketing establishes the finer trends!

The defining aspect here in database marketing is that although most of the direct marketing techniques and tools (like email marketing and messages) are used to reach out and to engage the customers/potential customers, but the analytics dimension makes the process more refined. This generates results of resounding success which are otherwise not achievable with the ordinary stand alone direct marketing maneuvers. The real time data so captured is analyzed with intricate insights by the subject matter experts and specialists. They undertake such exercises so as to decipher the consumer trends and the shifts in their behaviors; precisely the buying behaviors.

How database marketing secures better responses –

It should be understood that market and its buyers are getting more dynamic every year in response to the emergent offers and finesse demands. They look out for the better choices and are ready to make the switches if the same are available. The analysis of the customer detailed information helps the experts secure knowledge about the inherent and many a times latent undercurrent(s) that are prevailing. Such knowledge serves as the basis of devising new improvised sales’ policy of the company which can then enjoy the benefits and capture the early leads!

So where this difference does comes from; if the database marketing is attempted?

So where this difference does comes from; if the database marketing is attempted?

The database program & analytics makes the differentiation in the otherwise crude databases and only the resonant consumers are tried to be reached through effective communication channels. Thus if there is strong likelihood of a direct marketing oriented email getting reported as spam, in the email database marketing, this chance gets reduced substantially and the receiver actually responds to that mail as a positive customer and thus the sales! This is only one example where the web communication is being cited. There could be more such channels where the receiver would respond in an affirmative manner. In all such reaching out attempts the significant buffer has been developed and this is secured through dedicated analytic where it is tried to be understood that which consumers could prove out to be the real buyers and what will be the best mediums for reaching out to them. Continuous data appending helps in these analytic.

Efficient use of the marketing budgets!

Database marketing is therefore being attempted by more numbers of products and service firms and all want to improve their consumer bases in an authentic manner. A converse advantage of this marketing is also that futile maneuvers and allied expenses are eliminated!

Lt Col Govind V Rajulu (Retd)

Lt. Colonel Govind V Rajulu, has an extremely diverse profile with close to 25+ years of enabling growth for top fortune companies globally. A passionate golfer, his experience and leadership have been focused towards developing and delivering technology-driven business services and cloud solutions, nurturing meaningful client relationships, and driving profitable ROI growth. Col. Rajulu has been instrumental in influencing global business partnerships with his efforts to deliver best-in-class unified communications services to thousands of clients across the world.

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