You Can’t Be Serious! You’re Not Using Multi-Channel Marketing Yet?

  • Which is the best media channel to generate results for prospecting?
  • Is there ROI – ‘Return on Interesting’ from your content strategy?
  • Will it create a generation of prospective customers?

In this noisy and crowded digital world, engaging customers has become one of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers. Almost every day a new marketing channel emerges. It no longer is sufficient to use a single channel, instead an optimized, multi channel marketing  mix is important to engage customers.

The Age of Multi Channel B2B Prospecting

As with any marketing program, a multi-channel campaign should have a well defined messaging strategy, engaging design, timely and precise implementation.

According to Chief Marketer’s 2013 Prospecting Survey, 56% of B2B marketers plan to dedicate over half of their marketing budget to customer acquisition. Majority of them were focused on finding prospects that would be lifetime customers rather than leads who would profitable in the first transaction.

Email Marketing as a Prospecting Tool

Email Marketing as a Prospecting Tool

Almost 63% of B2B marketers use email to generate new leads, and around 18% plan to start using email marketing this year. Here are some of the reasons why B2B Marketers use email marketing for prospecting and why you should be use it too.

With new marketing channels available, B2B marketers need to constantly revamp their strategy based on buyer behavior and interaction.  For instance, from 2012 to 2013, the change in channel usage by B2B marketers for prospecting is quite interesting. Take a look:

  • Almost 17% of marketers will begin using email marketing
  • Almost 12% of marketers will use online registrations and opt-ins, re-targeted ads and social networks.
  • Almost 10% will use PPC and display ad campaigns
  • Almost 7% will increase usage of email and tradeshows


Whether the focus is customer acquisition or retention, B2B prospecting is a good way to build a string foundation of customers. By using the multi channel marketing approach, brands can engage and connect with prospects customers through every touch point to create a customer experience.

At Info CheckPoint, our databases have contact details for you to connect with prospects through various marketing channels.

Use just one database…

Connect with your target market relevantly…

By email, direct mail, telemarketing or through social media platforms.

Rachel Whitney

Rachel Whitney, if there’s one word that best describes her strength it is client partnerships. With close to 10+ years of expertise with top technology companies globally, she’s been able to scale client advocacy & customer acquisitions to a whole new level. Whether it is managing the team or collaborating & nurturing client partnerships, she has been truly perseverant with a laser sharp focus towards offering exemplary customer value and driving in revenue growth faster.

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