6 Key Factors to Consider While Purchasing B2B Contact Database

Have you ever purchased B2B contact database or email marketing lists that had a lot of data that wasn’t relevant to your target audience or business? Well, did you ever think whose fault was that?? Sometimes, you just blame it on the database provider/vendor.

When you invest in a bucket of B2B contact database, it’s vital that you use accurate criteria to define your prospect or target customers. There are several factors to be kept in mind while purchasing b2b contact database and lists for your organisation.

Here are the 6 most important factors with which you should consider while purchasing B2B Contact Database:

Here are the 6 most important factors with which you should consider while purchasing B2B Contact Database:

Accord with law

The first and foremost important factor to be considered is that the database must be in accordance with law and the current prevailing legislation. The “data protection act” sees to how personnel information is been used by companies and government. People using data must strictly follow the data protection principles.

All-Inclusive Database

Second, the email list or database you purchase must be comprehensive and contain all information you have asked for or based on your selected criteria. Inquire from your B2B contact database suppliers about the content of the email database and the price of it. Remember to pay only for what you get. No more No less. Also make sure that the data received must be accurate and reliable in all ways. Check the accuracy guarantee that the supplier provides in the contact.

Clean Database

It is vital that the data supplied must be easy as well as convenient to use. Since contact data degrades at a rate of about 30% per year.  Hence regularly cleaning your data is crucial to achieve maximum of your deliverability, reduce email bounce rates. Remember to always keep your database sparkling and squeaky clean to have a better focus on business opportunities.

Segment Your B2B Contact Database

Segmentation is a way of arranging your customer data into smaller groups depending on the type. It is aligning the products and services with respect to the target audience. By doing this will help you extract maximum from your database. Not all customers are same hence the one fit approach is a fail. Segmenting your customers helps build deeper relations with them. Moreover in today’s environment customers expect personalized messages depending of their needs. Due to cutthroat and tough competition in the business atmosphere it is vital to build a strong segmentation strategy in order to stand out from your competitors. Meeting consumer needs and wants in a more specific, defined manner gives you a competitive advantage from opponents.

Reliable Contacts

Check for all the reviews, positive or negative that customers have to say about the database supplier and the products they offer. This can be done by inquiring about the company from people or looking up at their websites, blogs and social media websites. It is important to purchase it from a reputable B2B contact database provider to make sure that they regularly update and keep the data clean free from duplicates and bad domains.

Sender Authentication

It is good to have sender authentication in place to improve email deliverability by making sure that the server from which you send your email matches your domain. This is important because most email blasts are deployed through the mail server of a third-party email platform, not your company’s email server. If you are not sure about this reach out to your supplier and the required details.

Buying a contact database involves various steps to ensure that you are getting a quality contact list. Purchasing the B2B contact database can be tricky, going wrong anywhere would result a hole in your pocket. But buying a database from a reliable source can be a great source for lead generation.

Make sure that you do not ignore these important factors when buying a B2B contact database.

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