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Enterprise Business Solutions

Adopt an intelligent, intuitive and integrated approach Improve marketing ROI

Info CheckPoint’s enterprise solutions enables data intensive organizations make the most of business information. Whether for sales, marketing, business development or research, data is the foundation. Adding to the power of data is technology such as CRM and marketing automation tools. The value of such technology is that it lets you know when prospects are ready to be ‘sold to’.

Info CheckPoint provides:

  • Databases that go beyond business card intel and enables companies improve productivity, drive business impact, enhance database value and increase ROI.
  • Easy integration of your business database with one of the leading CRM applications, By integrating marketing automation and CRM you can implement coherent nurturing strategies and action plans.
  • An intelligent and advanced search application tool that provides granular results that are relevant. You can search through million of contacts, identify relevant segments and ‘view and save’ results for future use.

Info CheckPoint has a team of database experts who specialize in providing data solutions specific to your business requirement. Get to know how our databases can leverage your business growth.

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