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Data Quality

25% of your data goes stale and 2.1% of contact details change every month.

(Source: - MarketingSherpa)

For us at Info CheckPoint, data quality is not a theoretical exercise; it is a business need. It is a sustained program, inbuilt into our current system and is not limited to a one-time cleansing project.

Characteristics of Our Quality Data

  • Accuracy – Contact details such addresses and phone numbers actually exist and are associated with the person or business in the record.
  • Freshness – Information reflects current details of the person or business.
  • Completeness – All records are complete making it valid for relevant usage.
  • Uniqueness – There is only one record per person or business and duplicate records are merged or deleted.
  • Standardized – Information recorded follows a set format and standard.

How We Do It

Info CheckPoint’s Data Quality Management

  • We create and maintain a set of processes known as Input Editing Standards (IES).
  • We consistently update Email Verification Results, Tele-verification Results by maintaining separate flag for each.
  • We update NCOA status using 3rd party vendors like QAS, Mellisa Data etc.
  • We manually check and update data on an ongoing basis.
  • We maintain data health by flagging invalid and non-existent contacts.
  • We update revenue, employees, SIC code and industry details frequently using the data downloaded from sources like Hoovers and InfoUSA every month.

Data Quality is a discipline not a task. It’s a statistic to state It’s a practice we follow!

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